Friday, February 1, 2013

Alone Together

SOJIA is an autoimmune disease and so most of the symptoms are internal and even the ones you can see like swelling or redness don’t appear to be serious so we feel alone in this a lot.
These children frequently feel discouraged and sad because of the pain or that they just can’t keep up.  Two days ago Emily’s leg was hurting her after swim and she just started crying.  I am sure she was also tired and steroids don’t help, but I just could feel her pain in my heart. 
We’ve been getting her excited about this upcoming Arthritis Walk and invited all her extended family to come and participate with us, but because it’s a drive and other issues no one has been able to say they would come so it was a big deal to all of us when her kindergarten teacher asked if she could join us and even wanted to invite Emily’s classmates.  I was thrilled. 
Supporting these children is crucial, they should never feel alone.

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  1. Support is so crucial. I love her kindergarten teacher for doing that goes your sweet pea.